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Northeast Nancy Ltd. is a fashion and lifestyle company dedicated to nurturing individual inner growth and empowerment, seamlessly reflected through outward style and life. We believe that clothing is a powerful medium for expressing one's true identity, and we encourage individuals to leverage fashion as a means of self-expression.


Our mission is to craft products infused with a touch of magic, each bearing profound meaning for individuals as they showcase their unique identities. We aspire to inspire positive transformations towards a better self through our offerings.


At the core of our enterprise is the brand, Northeast Nancy,  established in 2018, it represents more than just a label. It stands for a person, a community, and a culture.


Join the Northeast Nancy Planet today, become part of our community, and together, let's change the fashion game.

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That Fashion Witch



Nanxy Wang, known as That Fashion Witch uses art and fashion as mediums for practices. Following her graduation from the London College of Fashion in 2018, she founded the Northeast Nancy brand in London. Nanxy has collaborated with different companies, and sold and presented her works on the catwalks during London Fashion Week.


During her educational journey at the Royal College of Art, Nanxy became increasingly concerned about the environmental impact and endless production cycles prevalent in the fashion industry. Subsequently, she made a decision to stop making more physical garments, directing her focus towards sustainable fashion practices.


Her journey took an enchanting twist as her curiosity about spirituality and the occult led her to embark on her path of witchcraft in 2020. Nanxy, driven by her commitment to sustainability, conceptualized and designed the Fashion Identity Oracle Deck. This unique deck seamlessly blends occultism with fashion, offering individuals personalized fashion recommendations based on their current energy. Nanxy's objective is to inspire individuals to creatively repurpose their existing wardrobe, fostering a culture where fast fashion items are retained longer, thereby transforming consumer behaviour.

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